TAZ Trade is a wholesale company for leisure bags. We produce our own collections in China, India and Madagascar. 

Our brands are: a Spark of HAPPINESS, TAZ and US BAGS CO. 



Our collections

Click on the pictures below to see the complete collection of bags (per brand). 



A happy collection of bags, wallets, purses, pouches, cosmeticbags. Also colorful beachtowels. 


Different color printed fabrics combined with special details. Available in many different color combinations.


These collections gives you 'a spark of Happiness'. 

TAZ Beach

A great collection of leisure- and citybags made out of canvas.


The beachbags, shoppers and weekenders have cheerful prints, some are finished with embroidery, beads or sequins. 



A collection of tough bags. 


Different colors of two-tones backpacks and weekenders  made of heavy canvas with details of PU-leather.  


These bags makes you want to travel immediately! 

Raffia Baskets

Raffia & Hangara baskets: different sizes of baskets made of the leaves of palmtrees.

Bozaka baskets: baskets made of straw.  


These baskets are used for shopping, beach or as an interior/storage bag.


Choose your color! 

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