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About TAZ & our brands

Taz Trade B.V. develops, produces and sells bags, baskets and other articles under various brand names. Most of the collections are developed in-house. Several designers give their contribution in another part of the collection.

All collections/article meet the criteria:
- Good quality at an affordable and reasonable price.
- Original materials with fun, detailed surface.
- Practical models.


Taz-trade offers the following brands:

  • TAZ | PE-Florence | Piero Erbacci
    - A variety of leisurebags, citybags, shoppingbags and baskets. These designs have a Mediterranean flair.
       The use of good materials and detailed surface is a must.
    - A complete collection of raffia and straw baskets.
  • Happiness
    An extensive collection of colorful women's handbags, shoppers, weekenders, small items (such as wallets), beach towels and plaids, with attention to detail and quality. Once you get to know the collection, you will get that "Happy Feeling".

For all questions you can contact us by mail: info@taztrade.nl

Opening Hours

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TAZ Trade B.V.
Terminalweg 15 | 3821 AJ Amersfoort | The Netherlands

Email: info@taztrade.nl
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TAZ Trade B.V.

 Terminalweg 15  |  3821 AJ Amersfoort  |  The Netherlands

T: +31 85 483 5250  |  E: info@taztrade.nl  |  W: www.taztrade.nl


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